What Are Your Essay For

What you’re looking at in your methodology is what is everybody else done to look at the problem and why isn’t the problem solved yet qualitative methodologies basically is a discovery process you’re kind of going along discovering it so you’re guided by research questions the set of hypotheses ok how do people perceive their experiences in X okay I know that sounds a little fuzzy to those of you in engineering that’s okay that’s what that’s what we do right how do people perceive what’s the perception and what kind of theory am I looking at it through social capitalism or my own social capital or am I looking at it through feminism and we’re looking at it through you know critical race Theory there are all kinds of ways to overlay that okay the thing is when you pick those you just need to know why you picked them because your committee is going to ask you that okay. Learn how to find your essay`s purpose with Edusson.

So how do you organize all this information in a way that your committee will understand there I’m giving you a couple of different templates here that you can go by and it kind of depends on what your research questions are and how you want to do this but one way if you have no guidance from your advisor and you have no clue this is a shot give it a shot one do a little introduction to review of the literature you don’t need to necessarily go crazy if you haven’t gotten a lot of advice from your advisor I wouldn’t do a 40-page literature review do enough to where you think you can talk about it give it to your advisor let him or her kind of guide you say you know what I like the way you started on this but you need a whole lot of information on this this is not your proposal defense this is just the initial conversation right okay statement of the problem purpose of the study what the heck are you doing this for.

Because they may ask you that too why what why why why okay and you don’t want them to tell you oh yeah that was done in 1986 that was done in 1998 you want them to go yeah I buy that I totally married that proposal okay what like what is a research question what questions do you have what questions you’re going to ask to get at that information and how best what kind of methodology am I going to use to answer those questions and then what what would it mean okay now you can’t do the significance yet because you don’t have the data it’s your proposal but in your head in your head what might this do okay what could this do is it important okay all right that’s a thought here’s another template just do em read scientists know this one lab reports you know em read introduction you know including a little background review literature methods.