Patricia Arquette Filmography and Movies Part 4

1992 Inside Monkey Zetterland …. Grace Zetterland

Struggling former child actor and now-adult screenwriter Monkey Zetterland (Antin) is working on a historical screenplay based around the defunct Red Car subway of Los Angeles. He lives in a building owned by his neurotic mother Honor Zetterland (Katherine Helmond), who is a famous soap opera star. Secretly hoping there is a future in acting for Monkey, she is trying to turn her hairdresser son (his brother) Brent Zetterland (Tate Donovan) into a film star.

As the film begins, Honor shows up at Monkey’s house to borrow his epsom salts at the same time that his disagreeable girlfriend Daphne (Debi Mazar) arrives. From this point on the film dissolves into a character study with little plot development as new and old characters interact and form a quirky family unit. Sister Grace Zetterland (Patricia Arquette) arrives in tears to reveal that her lesbian girlfriend (Sophia Coppola) has gotten pregnant in an attempt to bring the two of them closer. Honor rents the basement apartment to Sascha (Rupert Everett) and Sofie (Martha Plimpton), a gay man and lesbian woman posing as husband and wife while publishing an underground newsletter that outs closeted homosexuals in the entertainment industry.

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1991 The Indian Runner …. Dorothy

The story, set in 1960s Nebraska, involves two very different brothers: Joe (David Morse) a small town deputy sheriff, and Frank (Viggo Mortensen), a criminal.

Before the events of the film, Joe had tried to farm for a living, but was unable to make ends meet, and the bank eventually foreclosed on his property. He became a deputy sheriff as a way to support his young wife (Valeria Golino) and child. Joe is a good, conscientious man, but has his own demons to fight with. The opening shot of the film shows a car chase which ends with Joe using his gun to kill a man in self-defense. This results in Joe’s conflicted feelings about killing the criminal, as well as the praise and scorn from members of his community from this shooting. Frank, who had been involved with run-ins with the law before going to Vietnam, is described by his father (Charles Bronson) as plagued by “restlessness”. Upon his return to town, he breaks into his brother’s home and is nearly shot by Joe’s wife. The next day, Frank leaves town without ever stopping by his parents’ home. As Joe states in the narration, Frank was correct in his assessment that his parents would understand, as they always seem to when he hurts those who love him.

Joe does not hear from his brother for some time, but eventually discovers that he is in jail in another state from their father, who had kept the information quiet to avoid upsetting their mother (Sandy Dennis). Their mother dies and their father commits suicide soon after. Frank is then released from prison and returns to his hometown with his pregnant girlfriend (Patricia Arquette). He tries to settle down and works in construction, but keeps getting into trouble with the law, which puts him in conflict with Joe. When the time comes for Frank’s wife to give birth, Frank is in a bar “drinking it down,” which sparks a confrontation with Joe. After Joe leaves, Frank beats the bartender to death with a chair and drives out of town with Joe on his tail. The film concludes with Joe allowing Frank to escape across the Canadian border.

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1991 Prayer of the Rollerboys …. Casey

Haim stars as Griffin, a rollerblader in the not so distant future of Los Angeles which is in a sad state, the city is deep in crime and drug activity in the wake of a catastrophic nation-wide economic crash caused by the stupidity and greed of the previous generation. The film includes ominous reminders of both the past and present, including news reports of riots in Washington D.C., a newspaper headline that proclaims “GERMANY BUYS POLAND”, and a reference to the Israeli Defense Forces “cleaning up Northern Ireland”.

A rollerblade-wearing white supremacist youth gang known as the Rollerboys fight for spiritual and economic control of what’s left of the city. The fascist group is founded and led by a childhood neighbour of Griffin’s. The Rollerboys carry out their eugenic agenda through both violent gun battles with ethnic gangs, and especially through their distribution of the drug “mist”. When Griffin’s little brother begins to idolise the Rollerboys and eventually starts abusing mist, Griffin is convinced by the police chief and an undercover cop (Patricia Arquette) to join up with the Rollerboys as a mole, in exchange for the promise of a better life for his brother.

Having joined up, Griffin’s loyalties to the gang are eventually called into question and he is tricked into

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1991 Wildflower …. Alice Guthrie

Set in the rural South of the ’30s, the made-for-cable film Wildflower is about a pair of teenaged siblings who become friends with an epileptic girl named Alice (Patricia Arquette), who has been forced to live in the barn behind her father’s house because he believed her seizures were the work of the devil. With the help of the two teenagers, the girl is able to become part of everyday society.

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1991 Dillinger …. Polly Hamilton

After nine years in prison for robbery, seasoned con John Dillinger nurses two ambitions; to never serve time again and to maintain a high-rolling lifestyle illegally. While his partner Copeland complains about spacing their heists for optimum impact, Dillinger plots to rescue jail buddy Harry Pierpont. Instead, Dillinger gets recaptured and then sprung from jail himself by recently-escaped Harry, who raises the stakes by slaying a local sheriff in the process.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1988 Far North …. Jilly

Far North is set in rural Minnesota, at the home of a dour, curmudgeonly farm family. Only Kate (Lange) has been able to escape this repressive environment, but she comes home when dad Bertram (Charles Durning) is laid up in the hospital. Despite her city-bred sophistication, Kate almost instantly reverts to childhood, trying desperately to “prove herself” to her misogynistic papa. To do this, she vows to kill the horse that caused her father’s injury.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1988 Time Out …. Lucy

After being severly injured in a horse-riding accident,the family patriarch Bertram lies in a hospital bed plotting revenge against Mel, the four legged “enemy” he blames for putting him there. So when his eldest daughter Kate comes to visit,the father has but one request “Shoot that horse!” Meanwhile back at the house, Kate’s mom is losing her grip on reality and Kate’s sister Rita has her own problems with a teenage daughter who has recently discovered booze and boys. Between her ornery father,her fed up sister, her wild niece and her spaced out mom, Minnesotan turned New Yorker Kate is in for one helluva family visit!

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1987 Pretty Smart …. Zero

Meet Zigs and Zero. When they’re good, they’re very, very good. And when they’re bad, they’re brilliant!

In an effort to curb her wild antics, the parents of Zig (Fisher) send her and her sister Jennifer (Lisa Lörient) to the Ogilvy Academy, an elite boarding school in the Mediterranean, along with her well-behaved sister. Determined to be expelled at the earliest opportunity, Zig will go to extreme lengths to have her way.

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1987 A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors …. Kristen Parker

Six years after the events of the first film, Kristen Parker makes a replica of a house on Elm Street. Her mother tells her to go to sleep while she has a man over. Kristen falls asleep and dreams of meeting up with a little girl outside the house. Kristen hears someone coming, picks up the little girl, and runs in the house to the basement. The little girl says “Put me down, you’re hurting me” and when Kristen looks down she discovers that she’s holding a skeleton. Kristen wakes up and goes to the bathroom where she finds she is still asleep, again meeting Freddy Krueger, who slashes her wrists with his glove. Her mother mistakes this incident as a suicide attempt, because when Kristen awakes, she is holding a razor blade to her own wrist. After this event, Kristen is placed in Westin Hills, a psychiatric hospital, where she meets the other patients – Joey Peterson, who does not speak, Taryn White, an ex-drug addict, Roland Kincaid, a tough kid with behavioral problems, Phillip Anderson, a talented sculptor, Jennifer Caulfield, a wannabe actress, and Will Stanton, who now uses a wheelchair because of an earlier suicide attempt, who are the “last of the Elm Street children” – the last remaining children of the vigilantes who killed Freddy. Together they will fight in order to stay alive.

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1987 Daddy …. Stacy

“Daddy” is Dermot Mulroney–a high-school-age kid who has no clue of what he’s in for. Mulroney has gotten his girlfriend Patricia Arquette pregnant, less out of callousness than naivete. Arquette drops out of school, thinking she can drop back in anytime, while Mulroney puts his music lessons on hold for the “duration,” also treating the situation as temporary. The film is remarkable in conveying the principles’ utter lack of preparedness for their upcoming parental responsibilities.