Facts & Stats of Patricia Arquette

Birthdate: April 8, 1968

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Actor

Quote: “It’s dangerous for a young woman in Hollywood to desexualize herself, but sex didn’t belong in this movie. It’s interesting to show the relationship between this woman and a much older man. I’d have hated it if we were running through the jungle and started kissing each other.” –People September 18, 1995

Claim to Fame: 1993: Starred in Tony Scott’s True Romance

Significant Other(s):

Paul Rossi: musician; father of Enzo

Christian Slater: actor, no longer together

Matthew McConaughey: actor, dated briefly in 1994

Nicolas Cage: first met in 1989 and went on one date; later met again in 1994; married in April 1995; together on and off; separated November 2000; divorced May 2001

Thomas Jane: Got engaged 2002, married June 25th, 2006 (in Venice, Italy); divorced July 2011.  Father of Harlow.



Grandfather: Cliff (aka Charley Weaver), humorist

Mother: Mardi (aka Olivia Arquette/Brenda Arquette/Mardiningshi Arquette), poet, political activist; divorced from Arquette’s father 1990; died in 1997

Father: Lewis (aka Michael Arquette/Mursulin Arquette), actor; original member of improvisational group The Committee; also member of Paul Sills’ Story Theater; divorced from Arquette’s mother 1990

Sister: Rosanna, actress; born on August 10, 1959

Sister: Alexis (aka Eva Destruction/Amanda B Reckondwith), actress, born 1970

Brother: Richmond, writer, actor

Brother: David, actor; born on September 8, 1971

Son: Enzo, born 1989; father, Paul Rossi

Daughter: Harlow, born 2003; father, Thomas Jane

Husband: Thomas Jane (married June 25th, 2006)

Factoids:Lived in an artists’ commune in Virginia for five years with her family

Education: Acting with Milton Katselas